If we sold a Taco Rico franchise to anybody waving a blank check, there’s a high possibility that more than half of the locations they open will shut down, staining the brand reputation Taco Rico has worked to achieve. Instead, we award Taco Rico franchises to qualified investors through a phone call to determine if they’re a perfect match to operate their own Taco Rico. By thoroughly vetting our investors, we reduce the chance of losing quality control across our locations.


If you qualify, we will send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Federal regulations require that each potential franchisee be given a 14-day period to review the FDD.

The FDD contains all the relevant information when it comes to franchising, including start-up costs, a detailed overview training program, and concerns regarding liability among other essentials.


After reviewing the FDD, you’ll meet with Taco Rico founder Leland Neal and his franchise team in Miami, Florida to ensure that you’re a perfect fit. If he approves of you as franchisee, the next step is signing the Franchise Agreement contract. After that, you are officially a franchisee and can now run your own Taco Rico franchise!